What We Offer


Hockey Treadmill

Athletes can improve stride mechanics and reach a higher level of hockey conditioning



40×80 Synthetic rink

Athletes can improve their on ice skills including edgework, power skating, and board play



Shooting Gallery

Three nets on a sheet of synthetic ice so that players can work on their shooting and puck handling skills



X-crease Goalie Board

Goalies can work on mechanics, positioning, and conditioning: there’s no better work out for goalies

xcrease2card (1)


36×70 Turf Area

Athletes can work on speed, agility, and quickness training as well as plyometrics and calisthenics

HSA pic Luke G posture


Free Weight Area

Athletes can focus on strength and power training through traditional exercises like squat, bench press, and deadlift



Boxing Area

A heavy bag and speed bag allows for cardio training that improves on strength, agility, and hand-speed



Cardio Area

A running treadmill, rowing machine, and multiple bikes to increase cardiovascular endurance


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